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Tây Âu Landscape – Professional, Reliable Landscape Design Service in Binh Duong


A landscape design service rental company is one of the crucial partners that helps you create an ideal and prestigious living space. A beautiful villa garden not only increases the value of your home but also provides the homeowner with a comfortable, convenient, and close-to-nature lifestyle. Before using the service, you need to find a professional and reliable landscape designer. Tây Âu Landscape is proud to be one of the TOP 5 companies offering the best landscape design services in Binh Duong with the most affordable cost.

Tây Âu Landscape is a landscape design and construction company with a professional process that provides consulting, design, construction, care, management, and landscape maintenance solutions. Driven by the criterion of creating perfect spaces, we are motivated by a passion that exceeds customer expectations and always aims to provide customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of hiring a professional landscape design service

Currently, hiring a villa garden design company is becoming a trend because it offers numerous benefits, such as:

Create a green living space: One of the significant advantages of hiring a villa garden design company is helping you create a green living space. With intelligent garden design, you can maximize your garden space to create an area filled with lush greenery, flowers, and various other plants. Additionally, you can use water-saving methods and environmentally friendly plants to protect your living environment.

Increase the value of your home: Professional villa garden design companies can help enhance the value of your home. A beautiful, well-designed garden will make a great first impression on potential customers or visitors. Furthermore, having a beautiful, green garden is a crucial factor in increasing the property value of your home.

Save time and effort: If you lack experience in garden design, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort researching and implementing a suitable garden design plan. However, by hiring a professional villa garden design company, you can save a lot of time and effort. Experts will provide design options and help you quickly and efficiently implement the design steps.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

If you are a real estate investor, hiring a villa garden design company can help ensure your satisfaction. A beautiful and smartly designed garden will create a positive impression on potential customers and enhance your sales potential. Additionally, having a green and beautiful garden will reduce the effort required for garden maintenance and upkeep, while also minimizing costs for garden maintenance. With their experience and expertise, villa garden design experts can help you create a beautiful and easy-to-maintain garden.

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Project Implementation Process

Providing customers with a professional, transparent, fast, and convenient service experience for project monitoring.

Consultation & On-Site Survey

Tây Âu Landscape conducts on-site surveys and proposes flexible solutions to help customers understand and easily make choices. When conducting a current garden condition survey, we will assess the following factors:

  • Perception of the space and architectural style of the house
  • Discussing customer preferences
  • Surveying house orientation, sunlight direction, and wind direction
  • Surrounding structures around the house
  • Measuring soil quality: pH, EC… determining the type of soil in the garden
  • Measuring water quality
  • Identifying connection points to the electrical and water systems

Contract Signing & Conceptualization:

After completing the site survey, Tây Âu Landscape proceeds to sign the contract, develop concepts, and create the initial design based on the survey results and the garden solutions chosen by the customer.

Conceptualizing the garden is the crucial first step in shaping the garden design and construction. Developing garden concepts involves:

  • Zoning and layout of landscaping functions in the garden
  • Creating styles for the garden, such as Japanese Zen garden, Tropical style, European style, Asian style, traditional Vietnamese style, etc.
  • Selecting garden landscapes like front yard landscaping, pathways, green walls, fish ponds, waterfalls, water walls, grassy hills, pavilions, rooftop gardens, landscaping around the house, automatic irrigation systems, landscape lighting systems, etc.
  • Arranging garden landscapes and proposing materials suitable for the homeowner’s feng shui
  • Presenting and explaining design concepts to the customer

When signing the contract, the homeowner will be assured of their rights when they receive a complete set of documents such as quotations, construction contracts, invoices, acceptance documents, and settlement documents after construction.

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Design Implementation & Construction

After discussing and reaching an agreement on the design, Tây Âu starts implementing the project. Each stage is constantly monitored to ensure it proceeds on schedule.

Tây Âu’s engineers will present material samples for customers to choose from and carry out the construction of the garden:

  • Green trees, flowers, decorative grass, stone paving for pathways, fish pond stones, waterfalls, rooftop garden materials, automatic irrigation system materials, landscape lighting materials, etc.
  • Once the design is agreed upon and materials are chosen for various garden components, Tây Âu will prepare a preliminary estimate for the garden construction for the customer. After the customer’s approval, both parties will proceed to sign the contract.
  • With a team of experienced architects, landscape engineers, and seasoned gardeners, you can have complete confidence in the quality of the project during the construction process.
  • Furthermore, we always use the most advanced and modern gardening technology to achieve the best garden quality after construction.

Basic Construction Process:

  1. Site preparation, cleaning, and leveling
  2. Relocating, pruning, and replacing trees if necessary
  3. Positioning the layout of small landscapes and plants
  4. Leveling the site and relocating old structures if present
  5. Creating rough elements and installing underground systems for the project
  6. Building the framework for the project
  7. Planting large trees, medium-sized trees, shrubs, and grass
  8. Detailed construction of each project component
  9. Installation of the automatic irrigation system
  10. Installation of the landscape lighting system
  11. Quality inspection of project components, checking the irrigation and lighting systems, etc.

Handover & Maintenance

During the garden construction process, Tây Âu has supervisors who oversee, command inspections, and monitor each construction component to ensure quality and avoid errors during construction.

After completing the construction, Tây Âu continues to accompany the customer until the project is stable before handing it over. Our periodic and flexible landscape maintenance service quickly meets all customer requests and desires.

Not stopping at construction, to ensure that all project components meet the highest quality and stability, Tây Âu also provides a post-construction warranty for the customer.

The post-construction garden warranty period typically depends on the project. During the warranty period, our experts will periodically inspect the entire garden, care for the greenery, trim, fertilize, check the operation of irrigation, drainage, lighting systems, and more. Moreover, when the warranty period ends, Trang Nguyên’s experts will guide you in operating the garden system and provide technical gardening care.

In particular, if you do not have the time and resources to care for your garden, we offer a garden maintenance package at a special price for customers.


Why Choose Tây Âu Landscape as Your Partner?

With 15 years of experience in designing numerous architectural and landscape projects, including villa gardens, industrial areas, urban areas, etc., Tây Âu Landscape proudly offers customers green living spaces that ensure functionality and perfect aesthetics.

  • Quality: Having a highly professional team and executing multiple projects, helping customers easily choose diverse landscape design solutions.
  • Satisfaction: Choosing Tây Âu, you will receive enthusiastic and professional support throughout the partnership.
  • Quick: Tây Âu commits to following the steps and processes in the contract and delivering the project on schedule as promised.
  • Efficiency: With an integrated process from design to completion, any issues that arise will be closely monitored and resolved promptly.

Tây Âu Landscape’s Commitment

Tây Âu brings creativity to landscape design and landscape construction for customers with professionalism and after-sales service:

  • Delivering unique projects.
  • Meeting needs, purposes, and functionality.
  • Ensuring that the construction process is always completed on schedule.
  • Offering prices that are suitable for the investment budget.
  • Providing professional and reputable services.

Landscape design is a task that requires professionalism to create a green, cool, and beautiful space for you. Finding a top and reputable landscape design partner is not an easy task. You need to consider many factors, such as service quality, the expertise of the design team, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to execute the project. There are many companies providing landscape design services in Binh Duong, and you can use this service at Tây Âu Landscape to have peace of mind and save costs. We will create a green, peaceful, and attractive living space with different landscape elements such as plants, floral patterns, pathways, lighting, and landscape ponds, all according to your ideas.

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