Landscape Design and Construction Services

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Landscape Design and Construction

Landscape design and construction is the process of creating a green, fresh, and harmonious living space in harmony with nature. It combines construction and landscape art to create a beautiful and comfortable living environment for everyone. With professionalism, experience, and an understanding of landscape design, experts in this field have the ability to turn abstract ideas into reality.

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Benefits of Landscape Design and Construction

Landscape design and construction offer many benefits to gardens, parks, and urban areas. Here are some key benefits of using landscape design and construction:

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Value: Landscape design and construction create visually appealing and harmonious living spaces with nature. Landscape elements are meticulously and creatively arranged to create an attractive and standout living space.
  • Improved Air Quality: Carefully designed greenery in gardens can absorb CO2 and release oxygen, improving air quality in the surrounding area and providing a healthier living environment for residents.
  • Energy Efficiency: Smart landscape design can create shaded areas on hot sunny days, reducing the need for air conditioning and electric fans, thus saving energy and minimizing environmental pollution.
  • Create Relaxation Spaces: Landscape design and construction can create cool and relaxing spaces, allowing residents to escape the pressures of daily life. Beautifully designed public gardens, parks, or private green spaces provide ideal places for relaxation and enjoying nature.

Leading Landscape Design and Construction Company in Vietnam

Currently, there are many companies offering landscape design and construction services on the market. However, each company has its own unique design style. You should consider the design style of each company to ensure it aligns with your vision. Specifically, you should look for well-established companies with extensive experience, high professionalism, and a strong reputation. Among them, Tay Au Landscape is a prime example.

Tay Au Landscape demonstrates its professionalism and reputation through partnerships with major entities such as Heineken, Coteccons Group, The Grand Ho Tram Strip, consistently delivering the highest quality services in landscape planning, industrial areas, urban spaces, resorts, and golf courses. To learn more about these services, please refer to the following section.

Tay Au Landscape’s Landscape Design and Construction Services

Based on the criteria of creating perfect spaces, Tay Au Landscape not only performs well but also exceeds customer expectations, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

1. Landscape Planning

This involves organizing the functions of spaces on a broad scale (urban areas, regions, provinces, etc.). Through planning, Tay Au Landscape can design spaces for various projects to preserve natural green spaces, maintain the characteristic aesthetics of nature, improve quality of life in terms of spirit, physicality, and social community for people. It also helps strike a balance between human activities with all the necessary amenities.

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2. Industrial Area Landscaping

Clear spatial planning between facilities (factories, warehouses, etc.) with greenery and transportation systems is done scientifically to maximize the functionality of the project. This helps reduce air pollution, enhances landscape beauty, and improves worker health, increasing labor productivity and ensuring proper management.

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3. Urban Landscape

Urban landscape design (including squares, streets, parks, lawns, flower gardens, lakes, etc.) enhances and elevates the beauty of the city, making it more vibrant and appealing. It improves the urban living experience, enhances environmental quality, helps control pollution levels, and creates community-connecting spaces such as healthy entertainment areas in parks and ecological zones.

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4. Resort Landscape

Resorts are long-term stay destinations for customers looking for relaxation, entertainment, dining, etc. With independently constructed structures such as houses, villas, hotels, restaurants, or memorials, they create a premium resort complex with landscape inspired by nature. This optimizes resort spaces, enhances and perfects the inherent natural beauty, preserves green spaces, enhances the spiritual, physical, and social service experience for humans.

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5. Golf Course Landscape

Golf course landscaping is one of the services offered by Tay Au Landscape when performing landscape design and construction. It includes beautiful scenery, guest lounges, bars, shops, etc. Allocating such space allows for maximizing business opportunities. It enhances the service experience for customers, increasing the golf course’s reputation. Moreover, it creates focal points for the course or emphasizes the natural beauty of the course by carefully selecting outdoor features for design.

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6. Green Park Landscape

Parks are an essential and integral part of large cities, urban areas, or densely populated residential areas. Parks, with their recreational, entertainment, and cultural activities, improve the quality of life both mentally and physically. They also play a role in maintaining a green environment and attracting tourists, contributing to economic development.


7. Commercial Center Landscape

Commercial centers become more vibrant with plants, flowers, vegetation carpets, fountains, fish ponds, rock gardens, walkways, and other features. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also creates a space close to nature, allowing people to relax comfortably. Additionally, it adds to the overall beauty, creates focal points for architecture with comfortable, luxurious, and upscale living spaces, and increases the architectural appeal.

Commercial Center Landscape Construction and Design

8. Flower Street Landscape

Flower streets are perhaps one of the distinctive cultural features that cannot be missed during festivals and holidays in Vietnam. Understanding this cultural aspect, Tay Au Landscape also provides landscape design and construction services for flower streets. This not only highlights the streets, enhances the city’s aesthetics, but also adds cultural value to the urban landscape. Additionally, it makes the streets stand out and attracts residents and tourists. It’s also a form of promoting local culture.

Flower Street Landscape Construction and Design

9. Residential Area Greenery Landscape

This involves designing green spaces for neighborhood parks and green belts for residents to enhance their living experience with all the necessary amenities. It also improves environmental quality, controls pollution levels, and revitalizes green spaces, enhancing aesthetics. Moreover, it creates community-connecting spaces in healthy entertainment areas like parks and ecological zones.

Residential Area Greenery Landscape Construction and Design

10. Villa Garden Landscape

When designing villa garden landscapes, a harmonious combination of architecture and landscape design is essential. This creates refined, ideal living experiences while maintaining a close connection with nature for relaxation. It also adds to the overall beauty, creates focal points for architecture with comfortable, luxurious, and upscale living spaces, and increases the architectural appeal.

Villa Garden Landscape Construction and Design

11. Camping & Glamping

Camping involves outdoor tent camping and setting up tents. Glamping, on the other hand, is a term combining “Glamorous” and “Camping,” which means a form of “luxurious” camping – similar to a resort with all the amenities. With both of these options, customers can experience the wild or natural surroundings while enjoying high-quality service. This offers exceptional experiences, adds to the overall beauty, and enhances architectural appeal.

Camping & Glamping Landscape Construction and Design

Tay Au Landscape Project Implementation Process

Tay Au Landscape has outlined the following process to provide customers with professional, transparent, fast, and convenient project tracking experiences.

  • Consultation & Site Survey: Before commencing landscape design and construction projects, analyzing the current landscape is crucial. Experts will conduct on-site surveys and listen to the client’s input. Based on the gathered information, they will propose flexible solutions to help clients understand and make choices easily.
  • Contract Signing & Conceptualization: Tay Au Landscape proceeds with contract signing and will create an initial design based on the survey results and the solutions the client selected in the initial phase.
  • Design & Implementation: After exchanging ideas and working to finalize the design, Tay Au Landscape begins the construction phase. Each stage is monitored to ensure it progresses as planned.
  • Handover & Maintenance: Upon completion of construction, Tay Au Landscape continues to work with the client until the project stabilizes and is handed over to the client.
  • Landscape Maintenance: Finally, there is periodic and flexible landscape maintenance services, promptly meeting all client requirements and desires.

Tay Au Landscape’s Representative Projects

To date, Tay Au Landscape has completed several noteworthy projects, including:

  • Heineken Vung Tau: This is an industrial park design project in Ba Ria – Vung Tau with Heineken as the investor. It has a large scale of 40 hectares and is the largest brewery in Southeast Asia.
  • The Grand Ho Tram: It is a landscape design and construction project in Ba Ria city with Hồ Tràm Strip as the investor. The construction area covers 169 hectares, with 20 hectares dedicated to greenery. This complex resort features the largest casino project in Vietnam and an 18-hole golf course. It’s an ideal destination for vacations with green spaces and fresh air, complemented by a 5-star hotel with all amenities.
  • Ba Ria Park: Also located in Ba Ria city with an area of 30.8 hectares. It brings greenery into the urban area with a focus on preserving and developing the local characteristic plant system. Additionally, the project includes the construction of a lake, artificial hills, and a road network.
  • Hon Rom Hill: This is an urban design project in Phan Thiet city with Thiên Hải Corporation as the investor. The project covers an area of 85.7 hectares.
  • Cultural Entertainment – Sports – Tourism Club: A planning adjustment project with Biển Quê Hương Phan Thiet Co., Ltd. as the investor, covering an area of 12.54 hectares.
  • Phu Yen Wellness Resort: This is a planning design project with Tiến Thành Co., Ltd. as the investor, covering an area of 8.82 hectares.

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Why Choose Tay Au Landscape as Your Partner?

With 15 years of experience in landscape design and construction, Tay Au Landscape takes pride in delivering green living spaces that ensure functionality and aesthetic perfection. To date, the company has succeeded in various architectural and landscape projects, including villa garden landscapes, industrial zones, urban areas, and more, driven by the following criteria:

  • Quality: The company possesses a highly skilled team and has executed numerous projects, offering clients a variety of landscape design styles to choose from.
  • Speed: Tay Au Landscape is committed to following the steps outlined in the contract and delivering projects on time, as promised.
  • Satisfaction: By choosing Tay Au Landscape, clients will receive dedicated and professional assistance from the company’s staff throughout the collaboration.
  • Effectiveness: With a comprehensive working process from design to construction completion, all issues will be tightly controlled and promptly resolved.

Tay Au Landscape is confident in providing clients with:

1. Ideal Beauty and Careful Consideration

For Tay Au Landscape, a cohesive space with interconnected details where no element can be overlooked is paramount. We envision your story, a topic of conversation among people. It’s not just about the aesthetics of lines, proportions, geometry, and beauty; our architects bring you much more.

While stones may not have definite shapes until we encounter them, designing with them can be challenging. However, experienced architects will decide how to arrange and proportion each stone cluster. It serves as the foundation for constructing a work where artisans measure, count, and stack stones to create an emotional product. It is no longer just design. Therefore, we often add our own solutions during construction, whether few or many, to ensure the quality of the space you are enjoying is always improved.

2. The Magic of Materials and Functionality

Materials are always essential in landscaping, but how they are combined in different ways creates different effects. While using local materials has become a trend, it requires landscape architects to have diverse perspectives on materials. For example, with stones: The initial value of a Japanese stone may be high, but its value in processing and use is the core. We embrace proportions and the principle of natural development, so we link stone blocks securely without any cement. They are stacked magically and remain there forever.

3. Genuine People, Real Values

Above all, we understand that investors always want to cooperate with reputable, quality units that deliver true value as expected. Tay Au Landscape’s team puts their hearts and souls into every aspect of the project, whether big or small. To achieve this, we cannot help but mention our specialists, industry consultants. Our architects always receive support from experts in the field to achieve the highest quality product, from surveying to completing details.

Landscape design and construction is a creative and meaningful process to create fresh and harmonious living spaces. Using landscape design and construction brings many benefits to both individuals and communities. However, landscape design and construction require a meticulous process and the expertise of professionals in the field. Thanks to knowledge, skills, and professional advice, they can turn abstract ideas into reality, bringing fresh and harmonious living spaces that blend seamlessly with nature. Therefore, if you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Tay Au Landscape!

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