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Landscape design for commercial areas involves creating a natural retail environment based on the customer’s ideas and requirements, relying on the design plan that includes arrangements of trees, flowers, plant carpets, fountains, ponds, miniature landscapes, pathways… along with various utility features.

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Role & Benefits

Landscape Design for Shopping Center

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Creating Green Spaces

Landscape garden design helps create intimate spaces with nature, allowing people to relax comfortably after their shopping time.

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Enhancing Shopping Experience

Providing benefits to consumers’ mental and physical well-being to alleviate stress and expedite shopping activities.

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Emphasizing Aesthetics

Balancing Green Spaces with Concrete Architecture Harmonizing green spaces with concrete architecture to bring an overall aesthetic beauty to the shopping center’s design.

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Creating Architectural Highlights

The landscape design of the shopping center aims for a convenient, luxurious, and prestigious living space, enhancing the architectural appeal.

From idea to product

Project implementation process

To offer our valued customers a professional, transparent, fast, and convenient project tracking experience.

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& On-site Survey

Tay Au Landscape conducts on-site surveys in Western Europe, providing flexible solutions to help clients understand and easily make choices.

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Contract Signing &

Tay Au Landscape initiates contract signing and develops initial designs based on survey results and the solutions chosen by clients.

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Design &
Construction Implementation

Following discussions and collaborative efforts to finalize the design blueprint, Tây Âu starts the construction process. Each phase is closely monitored to ensure timely progress.

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& Maintenance

After completing the construction, Tây Âu will continue to accompany the customer until the project is stabilized and ready to be handed over to the customer.

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Our periodic and flexible landscape maintenance services promptly fulfill all customer requests and desires.

from us

Tay Au brings creativity in landscape design, landscape construction for customers with professionalism and aftercare.

  • Delivering unique project constructions.
  • Suitable for needs, purposes, and functionalities.
  • The construction process is consistently completed on schedule.
  • Costs are aligned with the investment budget.
  • Professional and reputable services.

Competitive Factors

Why Choose
Tay Au as a Companion

With 15 years of experience in various architectural and landscape design projects, including villa gardens, industrial zones, urban areas, etc., Tay Au Landscape proudly brings customers green living spaces that ensure functionality and aesthetic excellence.

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Possessing a highly skilled team and having executed numerous projects enable customers to easily select landscape solutions with diverse design styles.

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By choosing Tay Au, customers will receive enthusiastic and professional support throughout the accompanying process.

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Tay Au commits to following the steps and processes outlined in the contract and delivering projects on the agreed-upon schedule.

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With a comprehensive working process from design to construction completion, issues will be closely monitored and swiftly addressed.

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Tay Au addresses your inquiries

Frequently asked questions

Landscape Design for Commercial Areas involves creating a visual scene that harmonizes with natural elements, based on the client’s ideas and requirements. This is accomplished through a design plan that includes the arrangement of plants, flowers, ground cover, fountains, ponds, miniature landscapes, pathways, and other functional elements.

To achieve a beautiful landscape design and execution for commercial centers, the team of engineers and construction personnel will adhere to the following standards:

  • Adherence to Landscape Planning Standards: Landscape design and execution must adhere to clear planning standards to ensure the feasibility of upgrades, modifications, and future activities.
  • Meeting Design Objectives: The landscape planning must align with the functional design requirements to fulfill the objectives and explore the visual aspects of the commercial center.
  • Appropriate Community Facilities Placement: Facilities serving the community, such as community spaces, water supply systems, lighting systems, should all ensure optimal aesthetics and functionality for the residents’ use.
  • Balanced Allocation of Green Spaces: Greenery should be distributed harmoniously, providing both aesthetic appeal and beneficial utilities for urban inhabitants.

Diverse Architectural Elements: The architectural design of a commercial center involves various elements, including street corners, rows of trees, walkways, and expansive open spaces.

Safety Considerations: While being creative, architectural designs must prioritize the safety of residents and workers in the area. Architects will perform the following tasks:

  • Conduct surveys and scientific research to creatively propose spaces that align with lifestyle needs (pedestrian spaces, drainage systems, elevated structures, etc.).
  • Study neighboring projects and constructions to connect the project with surrounding streets in a synchronized and unified manner, ensuring urban spaces are interconnected.
  • Propose construction solutions that integrate with infrastructure, local businesses, and even adapt to the climate of the area.
  • Sunlight and Shade Orientation: The arrangement of spaces should consider sunlight and shade orientation, creating suitable living conditions for the residents of the area.
  • Harmonious Color Scheme: The colors used in the architectural landscape design should harmonize with the street layout and blend well with the surrounding environment.
  • Thoroughly research and assess the negative impacts and influencing factors of the environment on people’s lives.

When designing the landscape of a commercial center, customers will receive complete and detailed design drawings, including structures, spaces, greenery, materials, dimensions, technical specifications, and more. As a result, customers will find it easy to visualize, and the landscaping construction team will be able to execute the landscape according to the drawings accurately.

Certainly, Tay Au will ensure that the execution aligns with the commitments outlined in the contract.

Please share
your ideas with Tay Au Landscape.

We will bring them to life according to the values entrusted by our customers.