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Flower Streets

Flower streets are one of the distinctive cultural features that are essential to the people of Vietnam during festivals and holidays. Understanding this cultural aspect, the combination of plants, flowers, small landscapes, and prominent models creates an attractive design for flower streets. As a result, it enhances the urban aesthetics and promotes the local image to residents and tourists during festivals and holidays.

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Role & Benefits

Landscape Design of Flower Streets

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Enhancing Street Appeal

The combination of decorations enhances the prominence of the streets, especially under artificial lighting. As a result, the locality thrives and embellishes the surrounding landscape.

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Cultural Promotion Form

During festivals and commemorative days, the flower street system plays a role in promoting the unique features of the locality. It serves as a reminder of significant cultural events and celebrations.

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Attracting Residents and Tourists

Exhibitions and events along the flower streets make these thoroughfares stand out, attracting residents and visitors alike.

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Urban Aesthetics Enhancement

The design of flower streets aims to showcase the image and landscape of the inhabited area. Furthermore, it adds to the beauty of street landscapes and contributes to the cultural value of the urban

From idea to product

Project implementation process

To offer our valued customers a professional, transparent, fast, and convenient project tracking experience.

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& On-site Survey

Tay Au Landscape conducts on-site surveys in Western Europe, providing flexible solutions to help clients understand and easily make choices.

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Contract Signing &

Tay Au Landscape initiates contract signing and develops initial designs based on survey results and the solutions chosen by clients.

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Design &
Construction Implementation

Following discussions and collaborative efforts to finalize the design blueprint, Tây Âu starts the construction process. Each phase is closely monitored to ensure timely progress.

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& Maintenance

After completing the construction, Tây Âu will continue to accompany the customer until the project is stabilized and ready to be handed over to the customer.

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Our periodic and flexible landscape maintenance services promptly fulfill all customer requests and desires.

from us

Tay Au brings creativity in landscape design, landscape construction for customers with professionalism and aftercare.

  • Delivering unique project constructions.
  • Suitable for needs, purposes, and functionalities.
  • The construction process is consistently completed on schedule.
  • Costs are aligned with the investment budget.
  • Professional and reputable services.

Competitive Factors

Why Choose
Tay Au as a Companion

With 15 years of experience in various architectural and landscape design projects, including villa gardens, industrial zones, urban areas, etc., Tay Au Landscape proudly brings customers green living spaces that ensure functionality and aesthetic excellence.

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Possessing a highly skilled team and having executed numerous projects enable customers to easily select landscape solutions with diverse design styles.

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By choosing Tay Au, customers will receive enthusiastic and professional support throughout the accompanying process.

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Tay Au commits to following the steps and processes outlined in the contract and delivering projects on the agreed-upon schedule.

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With a comprehensive working process from design to construction completion, issues will be closely monitored and swiftly addressed.

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Tay Au addresses your inquiries

Frequently asked questions

Designing and constructing a flower street includes the following tasks: Understanding the customer’s needs, providing design solution consultations, conducting on-site surveys, creating design drawings, and executing the construction according to the drawings.

Most of the design and construction elements are based on the customer’s requirements. Therefore, during the Tay Au consultation phase, proactive advice will be given. Regarding various flower street design templates. That are suitable for urban areas. Specifically, customers can expect the implementation of the following items:

  • Mascots
  • Welcome gate
  • Miniature landscapes
  • Traditional tiled houses
  • Decorative flowers
  • Ornaments

From completing the drawings and designs to the execution of the flower street construction, it will take one month to complete.

When designing the flower street, customers will receive comprehensive and detailed design drawings, including structures, spaces, greenery, materials, dimensions, technical specifications, etc. Therefore, customers will have a clear understanding, and the construction team will execute the project accurately based on the drawings.

Certainly, Tay Au Landscape will commit to carrying out the construction exactly as stated in the contract.

Please share
your ideas with Tay Au Landscape.

We will bring them to life according to the values entrusted by our customers.