Tay Au Landscape

Tay Au is a landscape architecture company with a professional process that provides design, construction, consulting, care, management, and landscape maintenance solutions. Based on the criteria of creating a perfect space, we are driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver customer satisfaction

With a long-term vision for sustainable development, Tay Au has been and continues to invest in landscape design and construction techniques, while making relentless efforts to establish itself as the foremost professional landscaping company. When you choose us, you can discover a comprehensive range of solutions and services in landscape architecture, delivered with enthusiasm, a sense of responsibility, and the most professional working processes.

Enterprise Name

Tay Au Landscape Joint Stock Company

Date of Establishment

09 – 09 – 2016

Executive Director

Dao Quang Tay

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Factors shaping the Tay Au brand

Core Value

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With a team of experienced professionals and years of expertise, we possess the capability to execute projects across the country. We offer meticulous architectural and landscaping design and construction solutions, ensuring professionalism in every detail.

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Strategic cooperation with partners and building potential sustainable relationships domestically and internationally to create enduring construction projects over time.

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Constantly innovating, refreshing thinking to create sustainable value for architectural and landscape projects that bring outstanding experiences to customers.

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Wholehearted consultation and customer care, delivering satisfaction and exceeding every customer’s expectations.

Results and Partnership

What our customers say about us.

At first, I got to know Tay Au Landscape through their website with the sole intention of making inquiries. Afterward, I went to meet them in person, listened to their advice, had direct discussions, and I really trusted the decision to sign a contract with Tay Au Landscape because their team is committed to excellence and dedicated to the project, both before and after its completion.

Prior to this, you had worked with a landscaping design company but were not satisfied with the design they provided. Therefore, you looked into various other options. Throughout the process of researching and working with different companies, you found the most satisfaction with the customer service team and the engineering team at “Tay Au.” They consistently sought solutions, were willing to make timely adjustments, and persevered in modifying the design until the final product was achieved.

Working with Tay Au Landscape has been very satisfactory. They invest intellect and dedication into each design, and communication flows rapidly regarding pricing, details, and materials. Right from the initial design, they captured the ideas I had envisioned, requiring only a short amount of time for adjustments to achieve perfection.

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We will bring them to life according to the values entrusted by our customers.