Top most unique and impressive apartment landscape designs today

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What is apartment landscape design? Why is it necessary to design the landscape of an apartment? This is a matter of great concern to many people living in apartments because it is not only about the external appearance but also brings many benefits to both individuals and society. So, do you want to find a company to consult and design an apartment landscape for yourself? Let’s explore the most unique and impressive apartment landscape designs with Tây Âu Landscape today!

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What is Apartment Landscape Design?

Landscape design is not exclusive to apartments but extends to all fields and has seen new developments in Vietnam. Particularly in developed countries, we can see their strong focus on landscapes and public areas.

Landscape design involves arranging and organizing, constructing open spaces of a given structure. By using installation plans, objects, and shapes to create focal points, ensuring harmony and attracting viewers. The overall picture must form a multidimensional panorama while still maintaining compatibility with objects in the general context.

The Importance of Apartment Landscape Design

The development of infrastructure leads to a rapid increase in the number of apartments, which contributes to positive changes in the city’s appearance. Alongside this, it has a significant impact on the living space as urban greenery is gradually being removed. Perhaps for this reason, the balance between green space and architecture has become a top priority for investors. Apartment landscape design is extremely important, specifically:

1. Creating a Healthy Living Environment

Green space in apartment buildings is expanded with larger areas, primarily for recreational and leisure activities suitable for all age groups, from adults to children. These areas resemble a small park, improving the living environment and enhancing human health.

2. Enhancing the Value of Apartment Complexes

In the current real estate market with various segments and products, customers have more choices for their living needs. One of the most important criteria that many people are concerned about is the landscape environment. Beautifully designed apartments will have an advantage and affirm their value in the eyes of customers.

Apartment landscape design goes beyond decoration; it also contributes to the cultural value of the city. Investing in landscapes provides a dual benefit – increasing property value and creating a landscape that preserves the living environment for residents in apartment complexes and urban areas.

3. Establishing the Reputation of Developers

Large-scale investors with long-term development strategies often focus on customer satisfaction. To gain trust and goodwill from customers, the quality of construction and living spaces must ensure aesthetics and perfection.

Apartment landscape design is a relatively new field in Vietnam and has only become popular in recent years. However, many companies have received high praise from experts and customers due to their highly creative and unique landscape areas that balance space and quality of life. As a result, their reputation has continued to rise, establishing a solid position as the top choice for customers.


Top Most Unique and Impressive Apartment Landscape Designs Today

Here are the top most unique and impressive apartment landscape designs that you can refer to:

1. Bosco Verticale Apartment Landscape (Italy)

The Bosco Verticale apartment project in Milan is renowned worldwide for its unique green architectural design. Its outstanding feature is the extensive use of greenery that covers the entire apartment complex, creating a living environment close to nature.

Astonishing greenery abundance: With 730 species of trees planted in the park on the first and 27th floors of the buildings, along with 11,000 climbing plants and 5,000 shrubs, the Bosco Verticale project truly forms a “forest” of greenery in the heart of the city.

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2. The Interlace Apartment Landscape (Singapore)

The Interlace is a unique real estate project with a vast footprint and an impressive green space:

  • The current built-up area is 170,000 square meters, showcasing the project’s impressive scale.
  • The green area covers up to 112%, a remarkable figure that reflects the emphasis on creating a living space close to nature and a clean environment.
  • Shared living spaces and rooftop gardens are truly the highlights of this apartment complex:
  • Green, Relaxing Spaces: The rooftop garden and terrace create a pleasant green space, providing a natural focal point in urban living environments, allowing residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Exchange and Interaction: These spaces also promote exchanges and interactions among residents. It’s where they can meet, chat, and enjoy quality time together.
  • Exciting Living Environment: The design of these communal spaces makes the apartment complex more diverse and intriguing, creating a unique living environment that interacts with nature and the community.

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3. Medley Apartment Landscape (Brazil)

This is one of the top apartment landscape designs that is frequently mentioned in Brazil, known for being an apartment complex surrounded by greenery. The green fences around the apartment complex give residents the feeling of stepping into a pure natural space. In front of the apartment complex, vertical gardens are designed, combined with various landscaping and shrubbery, creating a vibrant living space for the entire Medley. In this apartment complex, the children’s playground is also surrounded by green fences, ensuring peace of mind for parents about their children’s play area.

4. Premium City Garden Apartment Landscape (Ho Chi Minh City)

City Garden is also one of the top apartment landscape designs with a prime location, just a 5-minute drive from the city center. The apartments make perfect use of sunlight to offer beautiful views and natural ventilation through well-distributed windows and balconies among units.

City Garden is a luxury apartment complex with a unique design, featuring elliptical towers ranging from 21 to 30 floors, and it is one of the city’s largest luxury apartments with ample green spaces. The apartments feature eye-catching, modern, and sophisticated architecture, providing comfortable living spaces in harmony with nature.

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5. Park 7 – Park 8 Times City Apartment Landscape (Hanoi)

Park 7 is located in the heart of phase 2 of Times City Park Hill. The main tower perfectly blends the vibrant urban lifestyle, located next to the central square, with the upscale resort living ambiance provided by the extensive green gardens around. At Park 7, just a few steps away, owners can enjoy fascinating landscape amenities, including a clock tower, lush landscape hill, water play area, outdoor swimming pool, and more. Park 7 is one of the most prestigious and valuable apartment buildings within Park Hill.

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6. Diamond Lotus Apartment Landscape (Ho Chi Minh City)

Three consecutive green towers are designed along the Saigon River, comprising 720 apartments on an area of 8,400 square meters. The main focus of the design is to embrace nature, with each apartment featuring balconies for planting trees and rooftop gardens.

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7. Feliz Homes Apartment Landscape (Hanoi)

Feliz Homes dedicates nearly 80% of the entire project area to greenery, water features, amenities, and transportation. In particular, there are 10,000 square meters of greenery and a multilevel tropical park with various forms and scales, widely distributed from the rooftops of the towers to every walkway. All of this creates a “shield” against urban dust and street noise, preserving a tranquil living space filled with nature at Feliz Homes.

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Things to Consider When Designing Apartment Landscapes

    • Gates and pathways: Design should be spacious and include greenery to provide fresh air, meet residents’ needs, and enhance the aesthetics of the apartment complex.
    • Seating areas: Seating should face the lake, river, or greenery to create a relaxed atmosphere, making the space more pleasant, cool, and conducive to human health.
    • Flower gardens: Landscape elements like bridges, waterfalls, lamp posts, and especially flower gardens and planters contribute to the beauty of the apartment complex. These elements increase the usability of the landscape, bringing harmony to the architectural structure.
    • Trees and plants: These elements should be strategically placed around the apartment complex. They can be positioned along the riverbanks to purify the air and create a fresher environment.
    • Children’s play area: No apartment complex is complete without a children’s play area. When designing apartment landscapes, it’s essential to include play areas where children can enjoy and engage in activities comfortably.
    • Sports and fitness areas: Additional sports and fitness facilities should be incorporated to allow residents to maintain their health and improve the quality of the apartment complex.

    Above are the most unique and impressive apartment landscape designs currently. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Tây Âu Landscape for more detailed advice. Tây Âu Landscape takes pride in having many years of experience and numerous successful projects in urban landscape and garden design. Modern equipment and a team of highly skilled engineers and architects ensure customer satisfaction.

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