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Top 10 most beautiful and easy-to-grow flowers for parks nowadays

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Parks bring many benefits to humans and the environment, often likened to the green heart of a city. Therefore, in parks, there are not only trees but also many beautiful flowers. The flowers planted in parks are beautiful, vibrant in color, easy to grow, and easy to care for. They can adapt to various weather conditions, can be planted year-round, and bloom throughout the four seasons. But do you know which flowers for parks are currently popular? Let’s find out with Tây Âu Landscape!

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1. Peony Flowers

Peony flowers (or White Peony) are a type of woody plant commonly grown in gardens and parks. They are easy to plant and grow, requiring minimal care as long as the right soil type is chosen. You can plant Peonies in pots or directly into the ground.

These flowers not only serve as ornamental plants, but Peonies also have the ability to filter dust quite well due to their thick, green foliage, making the surrounding space fresher.

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2. Plum Blossom Flowers

Plum Blossom, also known as Little Lady or Heavenly Branch Plum, is a small bushy park flower with many branches forming a spherical shape. Mature plants typically have an average height ranging from 0.5m to 1m.

Plum Blossoms are favored for their white flowers that bloom year-round, with 5 petals spreading out like a label and emitting a gentle fragrance. These flowers are very suitable for planting in parks, adding vibrancy and freshness to the space while contributing to a healthier atmosphere.

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3. Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemums are one of the park flowers that cannot be overlooked. Chrysanthemums are herbaceous plants that grow upright, ranging from 0.6m to 1m tall, branching into bushes and spreading widely. The leaves are not too thick, with additional branches growing out of each leaf node.

Chrysanthemum flowers have round heads, often growing singly or clustered at the top and on the branches of the plant. The soft petals with gentle undulating lines look beautiful, with small tongue-shaped extensions. With their prominent yellow color and large round flowers, Chrysanthemums will make the park more vibrant and full of life.

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4. Wisteria Flowers

Wisteria is a woody climbing plant with fragrant flowers, bright colors. Initially, the flowers are white, then they turn red, purple, pink, and finally orange. Therefore, this type of park flower has become increasingly popular.

Wisteria has the advantage of staying green all year round, fragrant and beautiful flowers, and providing shade. Consequently, the park will become extremely romantic, full of freshness.

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5. Desert Rose Flowers

It can be said that Desert Rose Flowers are a type of park flower with beautiful colors and easy maintenance. Being sun-loving plants, desert rose flowers are very suitable for planting in summer. With bright colors, desert rose flowers are widely planted in gardens, indoor pots, parks, schools, offices… for decoration and landscaping.

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6. Daisy Flowers

Daisy Flowers are one of the park flowers, also known as Thousand-day Red Daisy or Heaven Red Daisy. This type of plant comes in two common colors: white and purple, occasionally pink, and they originate from tropical regions of the Americas.

Daisies are very easy to grow, not picky about soil and do not require much fertilizer. Particularly, they can thrive in dry soil but need sufficient sunlight. They can grow and develop well even in the gaps between bricks or at the base of walls.

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7. Twilight Flowers

Twilight Flowers are herbaceous plants with an average height of 80 to 100cm. The leaves are dark green, long like rice leaves. Twilight Flowers have a characteristic purple color, just as their name suggests, with relatively small flower sizes. The flowers have 5 petals and a fragrance similar to lilies. This type of flower usually blooms in the early morning, wilting in the late afternoon, and blooms all year round.

Being wildflowers, Twilight Flowers are incredibly resilient. Regardless of terrain or climate, the plants can thrive and bloom brightly. Additionally, the plant stems are quite delicate and fragile, prone to breakage in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, so the plants often grow in clusters to support each other.

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8. Silver Dollar Flowers

Silver Dollar Flowers are a herbaceous plant with stems, branches, leaves, and flowers growing underground from the stem. The flower leaves are about 15 – 25cm long, 5 – 8cm wide, with the underside of the leaves covered in fine hairs. The roots are in the form of clustered roots, growing rapidly, tube-shaped, horizontally, and elongated corresponding to the area of the spreading leaves.

Silver Dollar Flowers are formed from two types of small flowers, tongue-shaped and tube-shaped. When the flowers bloom, the tongue-shaped flowers will bloom first, followed by the tube-shaped flowers, blooming in sequence from the outside to the inside in each circle. The diameter of the flowers also varies depending on the variety, from 5 – 15cm, with flower discs in various colors such as white, green, yellow, brown to black, with black being the most common.

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9. White Porcelain Flowers

White Porcelain Flowers are easy to grow, easy to care for, suitable for all soil conditions and climates, so they can grow and thrive in all regions. They have large sizes, with gray-white stems, long and spreading branches, slightly rough stem surfaces, with an average height of mature plants ranging from 2 – 3m. The wide leaf canopy with closely arranged layers of leaves, smooth upper leaf surfaces, and prominent veins on the back. Typically, a branch of White Porcelain Flowers has leaves arranged in a round shape, resembling flower petals but sparser.

White Porcelain Flowers have pure white and clear colors, with a deep yellow center making the flowers even more vibrant. White Porcelain Flowers have 5 petals, with a slightly intense fragrance.

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10. Four o’clock Flowers

Four o’clock Flowers are perhaps a very familiar type of flower, they are one of the small but prolific park flowers. The plants grow and spread very quickly, so they are often planted as ornamental flowers. The flowers are very attractive and are often planted in front of houses, balconies, city flower beds, and even in pots. In park flower beds, four o’clock flowers are quite common because they bloom throughout the four seasons.

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Through the article shared by Tây Âu Landscape, you now know the top 10 park flowers that meet the criteria of being beautiful, easy to grow, and care for. Contact Tây Âu Landscape now to get detailed advice on selecting the types of flowers for parks that best suit your needs!

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