The revelation of the roles of landscapes in resort architecture

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In the world of architecture and design, landscapes play an incredibly important role in creating harmony, convenience, and beauty for a resort. They not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings but also create an ideal living environment. As a result, they enhance the experience of tourists and contribute to the protection of the natural environment. This article will delve deeper into the role of landscapes in resort architecture.

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What is a resort landscape?

A resort landscape is a combination of natural and artificial elements arranged harmoniously within the resort grounds. They serve to create balance throughout the resort space, providing a beautiful environment and offering an excellent resort experience for tourists.

Statistics show that over 90% of tourists return to a resort because they love the scenery of the location. Tourists not only seek accommodation but also desire to experience unique landscapes in the area. Therefore, landscape design often relies on the living environment and people in the area as well as the special activities taking place there.

Advantages of integrating landscapes into resort design

Create a fresh and healthy environment

Green landscapes with spacious greenery, natural water bodies, and diverse gardens help create a cool and environmentally friendly space. Tourists can feel the fresh air, hear the birds singing, and enjoy the lush greenery of nature, thereby relaxing and relieving stress.

Enhance aesthetic value and improve tourist experience

Professional landscape design with elements such as lush green lawns, serene water bodies, colorful flower gardens, and winding pathways creates a beautiful and attractive space, enhancing the experience of tourists. Landscapes not only increase aesthetic value but also create wonderful photo opportunities, meeting the needs of photography enthusiasts among tourists.

Create entertainment spaces and outdoor activities

Landscapes in resort architecture can also include outdoor entertainment areas such as playgrounds, tennis courts, artificial beaches, children’s play areas, outdoor event venues, etc. These spaces provide opportunities for tourists to engage in exciting activities, enjoy the fresh air, and help enhance both physical and mental health.

Enhance environmental protection and biodiversity

Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation are also among the roles of landscapes in resort architecture. The use of native plants, creation of wetland areas, and preservation of natural forests help maintain ecosystems and habitats for wild animals and plants.

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Popular landscape styles in resort design

Tropical style

Tropical landscape style is often used for resorts in tropical climates. It includes tropical plants such as palm trees, year-round greenery, colorful flowers, lush green grass, and water elements like swimming pools, fountains. This style creates a cool, vibrant space with a distinct resort vibe.

Countryside Style

The countryside landscape style evokes a sense of closeness to nature, friendliness, and warmth. It utilizes natural materials such as wood, stone, pebbles, and native plants. Vegetable gardens, flower gardens, winding pathways, and resting areas are highlights of this style. It is suitable for resorts aiming to create peaceful spaces, close to nature, and imbued with local cultural characteristics.

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Modern Style

Innovation and creativity describe the modern landscape style, often using contemporary architectural elements combined with natural landscapes. The use of high-tech materials, soft curves, smart lighting systems, and modern amenities create a luxurious, upscale space that attracts tourists who favor modern styles.

Seaside Style

Characteristic of seaside resorts, the seaside landscape style often incorporates elements such as white sand, clear blue sea water, and salt-tolerant plants. Swimming pool areas with ocean views, pathways along the coastline, and outdoor relaxation areas are highlights of this style. It creates a sense of closeness to the sea, allows enjoyment of the coastal environment, and provides an enjoyable experience for tourists.

Secrets to Enhancing the Outdoor Space of a Resort through Landscaping

Invest in selecting lush greenery

Choosing lush, sustainable greenery that suits local climate conditions is essential for creating a cool and vibrant space. Greenery not only beautifies the resort but also provides shade, ecological balance, and habitats for wildlife.

Create unique landscape focal points

Creating unique landscape focal points such as water features, flower gardens, fountain displays, relaxation areas, or lighting fixtures enhances the aesthetic value and attraction of the resort. These focal points also contribute to the role of landscapes in resort architecture by not only beautifying the space but also creating deep and unique impressions on tourists.

Use natural materials and harmonize with nature

Using natural materials like stone, wood, pebbles combined with greenery, grass, and flowers creates harmony with nature and establishes a cozy, warm space. Arranging seating areas, pathways, and green spaces naturally improves the outdoor space of the resort in a natural and harmonious way.

Key Considerations when Building Landscapes for Resorts

Understand Geographic and Climatic Characteristics

Understanding the geographic and climatic characteristics of the area where the resort is built is crucial for selecting greenery, irrigation systems, and suitable landscaping solutions. Utilizing natural conditions and creating a harmonious space with nature will help create a beautiful and sustainable landscape.

Create Unique and Stylish Landscape Focal Points

Creating unique and stylish landscape focal points is important for attracting and impressing tourists. Creatively and skillfully using water features, borders, seating areas, and lighting will create deep and unique impressions for the resort.

Maintenance and Regular Landscape Care

Regular maintenance and care of the landscape are important factors in ensuring the freshness, beauty, and sustainability of the resort. Taking care of trees, grass, maintaining irrigation and lighting systems, and regularly inspecting and repairing help maintain the quality of the landscape and create a good living environment for both tourists and the local community.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Applying Landscape to Resort Architecture

Challenges in Maintenance and Costs

One of the major challenges in applying landscape to resort architecture is maintenance and maintenance costs. Maintaining a lush, beautiful, and sustainable landscape requires significant investment in time, effort, and resources. To address this issue, it is necessary to choose energy-saving solutions, use recycled materials, and optimize maintenance costs.

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Opportunities to Create Unique Experiences and Attract Tourists

Despite certain challenges, applying landscape to resort architecture also offers many opportunities to create unique experiences and attract tourists. A lush, beautiful, and harmonious space with nature will create a deep impression and contribute to memorable experiences for tourists, thereby creating long-term business benefits for the resort. Utilizing the landscape to design relaxation and entertainment areas will create unique spaces and attract tourists, enhancing their experience and differentiation from other resort destinations.

Above are the insights that Tay Au Landscape wants to share about the importance and role of landscape in resort architecture. Integrating landscape into resort design not only brings business benefits but also creates green living, entertainment, and relaxation spaces for tourists. Thereby, enhancing the position and competitiveness of the resort in the resort tourism market.

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