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The Most Popular Shade Trees for Cafes Today.

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If you are running a cafe and want to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere for your customers, then shade trees for cafes are an excellent choice. To help you understand more about shade trees and some useful information, as well as care tips, Tay Au Landscape has compiled some information to share.

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Why Choose Shade Trees for Your Cafe?

Shade trees for cafes offer many benefits, not only to the cafe owner but also positively impact the customers.

1. Cool and Airy Space

Shade trees are tall, with thick and wide canopies, creating a broad shade. So, when you decorate your cafe with shade trees, it will make your space cooler. This will make your customers feel more comfortable and want to stay longer.

2. Creating a Connection with Nature

Shade trees can create a connection with nature. Sitting under these trees makes you feel like you’re in a small forest. This will help your customers relax and find a moment of peace in today’s busy life.

In addition, trees also reduce noise and improve air quality. Green trees can absorb noise, dust particles, and harmful gases, making the air in the cafe cleaner and more comfortable. This creates a quieter environment for customers to relax and enjoy their coffee.

3. Cafe Space Decoration

Shade trees come in various shapes and colors, making it easy for you to choose and decorate your cafe space. You can choose trees with beautiful flowers and leaves to create focal points for your cafe.

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Popular Shade Trees for Cafes Nowadays

There are many types of shade trees for cafes available in the market. However, Tay Au Landscape will introduce the most outstanding tree type for your consideration.

1. Golden Bell Tree

Among the list of shade trees for cafes, the Golden Bell Tree is undoubtedly a recommended choice. This tree has become popular and is often planted in public spaces, streets, gardens, and especially in cafes. The Golden Bell Tree is truly impressive with its year-round green color and bright yellow bell-shaped flowers.

During the flowering season, the Golden Bell Tree transforms the landscape into a vibrant painting, creating a romantic and attractive space. Indeed, enjoying a cup of coffee in such a serene environment is wonderful.

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2. Taiwan Banyan Tree

The Taiwan Banyan Tree has an average height of about 10-20 meters and is an icon in the plant world. This woody tree has a unique feature with branches that often grow diagonally upwards, creating an impressive shape.

The leaves of the Taiwan Banyan Tree are small and rarely fall, and when they do, they quickly decompose, making tree care simple and time-saving. This tree is becoming increasingly popular and is found in many places such as industrial areas, schools, streets, and modern cafes.

Not only does it beautify the cafe space, but the Taiwan Banyan Tree also plays an important role in creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

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3. Lucky Nut Tree

If you intend to build a cafe, there is nothing that can compare to the beauty of the Crepe Myrtle tree. This type of tree is truly an excellent choice, with dense, wide, evergreen foliage that hardly ever sheds its leaves. But more importantly, during the blooming season, this tree seems to transform into a true work of art.

Clusters of brilliant red flowers begin to bloom and cascade from above, creating an extremely attractive and beautiful scene. The Crepe Myrtle tree is not just a shade tree; it’s also an element that enhances the allure of the cafe.

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4. Silk Tree

Silk trees are large, with rough outer bark, and can reach heights of up to 20 meters when mature. They have green leaves and rarely shed them. These trees are often planted along roadsides, school yards, or cafes to provide shade with their broad canopies.

These trees also have the ability to absorb harmful substances and heavy metal ions, helping to purify the air. Therefore, this is a shade tree for cafes that you should consider.

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5. Paper Flower Tree

The Paper Flower is a type of flower that is quite common in cafe spaces today. The Paper Flower is a simple and beautiful flower, also known as the Paper Blossom or Kite. The name of this flower comes from its external feature, a delicate and resilient beauty due to its good drought tolerance and year-round flowering. Moreover, the flower’s petals look quite like soft, delicate pieces of paper.

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6. Gardenia Tree

The Gardenia tree is a landscaping tree, famous for its beautiful appearance, ease of cultivation, and minimal leaf shedding. Nowadays, Gardenia trees have become popular and are planted in various locations and premises, especially in cafes.

Planting Gardenia trees in a cafe not only creates a beautiful space with lush green leaves and bright yellow flowers but also offers many other benefits. Gardenia trees have the ability to purify the air, filter dust and smoke, creating a fresh and comfortable environment for customers.


7. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a distinctive tropical tree, truly an excellent choice for making it a shade tree for your cafe. They have the ability to adapt and thrive in various conditions. With a straight trunk, soft branches, and round leaves, they provide a year-round fresh green appearance.

Fiddle Leaf Fig trees often grow quickly and can withstand many environmental challenges. They not only bring a modern appearance to your cafe but also have good cooling and air-conditioning capabilities.

Thanks to the diversity and adaptability of Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, they are increasingly chosen to create a friendly and modern environment for your cafe.

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8. White Jasmine Tree

The White Jasmine Tree is a shade tree for your cafe that Tay Au Landscape wants to introduce to you in this article. This is truly an outstanding highlight for your cafe. This tree stands out with its pure white flowers and enticing fragrance. The presence of the White Jasmine Tree not only enhances the beauty of the cafe space but also creates a special, relaxing atmosphere.

With this type of tree, your customers can enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable environment. The White Jasmine Tree not only brightens up the cafe but also brings a delicate fragrance, creating a special sensory experience for them.

Considerations When Choosing Shade Trees for Your Cafe

When choosing shade trees for your cafe, you need to pay attention to the following factors to ensure that the trees are successfully planted:</span

  • Light: Consider the level of lighting in your cafe to select suitable plant types. Some plants require light to live and grow, while others can thrive in low light conditions or even without the need for light. Therefore, the lighting factor needs to be considered before choosing plant species suitable for the actual lighting environment in your cafe.
  • Space: Precisely measure and calculate the space you have for planting. Choose plants that are of an appropriate size for the space and the cafe’s design style.
  • Adaptability: If you are new to plant care, select shade-providing, easy-to-grow plant types with good adaptability. Ground cover plants or lucky bamboo are relatively easy to care for.
  • Design Style: Consider the cafe’s design style and choose plant species that complement it. Greenery can be an aesthetic focal point, showcasing the cafe’s unique style.
  • Safety: Ensure that the plants do not pose a risk to customers or staff. Some plant types may cause allergies or be harmful upon contact.
  • Easy Maintenance: If your cafe experiences busy days, choose plant types that are easy to care for and do not require a lot of time and effort. This can help you optimize your time and human resources more effectively.
  • Create Focal Points: Consider where you want to place the plants in the cafe to create interesting focal points and a customer-friendly environment.
  • Climate Suitability: Learn about the climate and weather conditions in your area. Choose plants that are suitable for the climate to ensure they can grow well.

Tips for Using Shade Trees in Your Cafe

Choose Suitable Plant Types

Different shade trees have varying characteristics, so you should choose plant types that are suitable for your cafe’s environmental conditions and space.

Maintain Your Plants Regularly

Shade trees need regular maintenance to keep them healthy and in good shape.

Arrange Plants Properly

You should arrange the shade trees in your cafe in a way that suits the space and maximizes their effectiveness.

Consider Costs

Using shade trees in your cafe requires considering the costs of purchasing the plants, caring for them, and maintaining them.

Decorating your cafe with shade trees not only provides a refreshing and nature-friendly atmosphere but also helps create an attractive and appealing space for customers. With the tips and experiences for caring for shade trees in cafes in this article, it is hoped that you can apply them to create a green and impressive space for your cafe. Take advantage of the benefits of shade trees to retain your customers and make your cafe stand out.

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