The most beautiful homestay designs of 2024

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In the modern era, traveling has become an essential need for people. Not only to learn and explore new things, immerse in local culture, and enjoy delicious food, but travelers also want unique and different experiences. That’s why homestays have become the top choice for travelers.

A homestay is not just a place to stop, but a step into local life, experiencing distinctive cultural features. With the trend of sustainable and smaller-scale tourism, homestays have attracted the interest of many travelers. And to create a beautiful and impressive homestay, its design plays a crucial role.

In this article, we will explore over 80 of the most beautiful homestay designs of 2024 and the latest trends in this field. Additionally, the article introduces Tan Au company – a reputable and professional unit specializing in homestay design and construction.

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Tourists’ Demand When Choosing Homestays

Homestays are a popular type of accommodation for travelers today due to their diversity and uniqueness. Not just a place to sleep overnight, homestays offer travelers a special experience closer to local life. So, what do travelers want when choosing a homestay?

Experiencing Local Culture

One of the most important factors when travelers choose homestays is experiencing local culture. Unlike luxury resorts or high-end hotels, homestays are often built in rural areas or countryside, close to nature and local culture.

This gives travelers the opportunity to experience the life of local people and learn about the culture, customs, and traditions of the area. This is a new and exciting experience for travelers to explore and learn about the country they are visiting.

Diverse Styles

Unlike resorts or hotels with monotonous rooms, homestays have diverse and unique design styles. Each homestay has its own style, from nostalgic retro homestays to modern and minimalist ones. This gives travelers the opportunity to choose a homestay that suits their tastes and personalities.

Suitability to Personal Preferences

One of the main reasons travelers choose homestays is because they suit personal preferences. Unlike hotels or resorts, homestays can be customized and modified according to the host’s preferences. This brings travelers comfort and a sense of being at home.

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Beautiful and Unique Homestay Designs

Homestays are quite flexible and diverse, and can be built in many different styles and designs. So, do you know which homestay designs are trending in 2024? Let’s explore the beautiful and unique homestay designs below.

Garden Homestay – Cool and Nature-friendly Space

Garden-style homestays are always favored for their coolness and closeness to nature. With the use of many green trees, flowers, and natural light, garden homestays provide travelers with a sense of relaxation and comfort. This is also the perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful and quiet space to rest.

Garden Homestay Design

When designing garden homestays, it is essential to use a lot of green trees and design architecture close to nature. Utilize small corners in the courtyard to create small gardens, place wooden tables, chairs, and stairs to create a cozy and intimate space.

To optimize space, you can use two-story garden house models or divide the house into multiple small bedrooms. This also helps the homestay accommodate more guests.

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Highlights of Garden Homestays

  • Use of many green trees and natural light
  • Close and harmonious design with nature
  • Space for relaxation and enjoying the landscape
  • Cost-effective construction

Container – New and Unique Trend

Container is a new trend in homestay design and is loved by many travelers. With the combination of recycled containers and luxurious design, container homestays provide travelers with a unique and convenient experience.

Container Homestay Design

Container homestays can be designed in many different styles, from modern and minimalist to vintage and retro. To increase uniqueness, you can use multiple containers joined together to create a complete resort.

With small space, container homestays are often designed in a two-story layout, with bedrooms on the upper floor and living room, kitchen, and common area on the lower floor. Using bright colors and special decorative details help make container homestays lively and attractive.

Highlights of Container Homestay

  • Unique and modern design
  • Use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective construction
  • Efficient use of small space.

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Townhouse – Near Residential Areas and Convenient

Townhouses are a popular choice for homestays, especially in large cities. With their proximity to residential areas and amenities, townhouse homestays offer travelers convenience and ease of transportation and sightseeing.

Townhouse Homestay Design

To create a beautiful and attractive townhouse homestay, investing in green space and natural light is essential. Using green patches and arranging plants helps the space become cool and peaceful. Additionally, don’t forget to utilize small corners to place tables, chairs, and relaxation areas for guests.

Furthermore, proper space division and optimization are also crucial in designing townhouse homestays. You can divide the house into several small rooms with separate amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas to meet the needs of each guest.

Highlights of Townhouse Homestay

  • Convenient and practical
  • Near residential areas and amenities
  • Use of green space and natural light
  • Suitable for both families and groups of friends.

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Villa – Luxury and Privacy

Villa homestays are often the choice of travelers who want to experience a luxurious and private vacation. With spacious space, modern amenities, and beautiful landscapes, villa homestays provide travelers with a true resort experience.

Villa Homestay Design

Villa homestay designs often focus on creating luxurious and private spaces for travelers. With the use of high-quality materials such as wood, stone, and glass, villa homestays provide a cozy and luxurious feeling.

Furthermore, arranging amenities such as swimming pools, gardens, and BBQ areas is also a plus point that makes villa homestays more attractive. Travelers will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the fresh green space in their own home.

Highlights of Villa Homestay

  • Luxury and privacy
  • Many high-end amenities and services
  • Beautiful and spacious landscapes
  • A true resort experience.

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Above are beautiful and unique homestay designs that you can refer to for building your own homestay. Whether it’s a garden homestay, container homestay, apartment homestay, townhouse homestay, or villa homestay, each design style brings unique and different experiences to travelers. Choose a design model that suits the style and characteristics of your homestay to create an ideal accommodation space and attract travelers.

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