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Landscape Design for Beautiful and Modern Residential Complex

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In today’s age, with the increase in population and the demand for living space, complex residential areas have become a popular choice. However, to create a truly desirable living environment, landscape design plays an important role. Landscape design not only creates beauty but also directly influences the quality of life for residents.

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How is landscape design for complex residential areas?

Concept of complex residential areas

Complex residential areas are areas that include various types of housing, combined with amenities such as commercial centers, entertainment areas, parks, and other services. This is a modern urban development model aimed at creating a versatile and convenient living space.

The role of landscape design

Landscape design plays a crucial role in creating a friendly and desirable living environment for residents. It not only enhances the aesthetic value of the area but also has a significant impact on the health and well-being of those living there.

Purpose of landscape design for complex residential areas

The main purpose of landscape design for complex residential areas is to create a green, refreshing, and harmonious living space with nature. Additionally, it helps strengthen the connection between people and the surrounding environment, while enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Principles of landscape design for complex residential areas

Aesthetic value

Aesthetic value is one of the most important factors in landscape design. It ensures that the living space becomes beautiful, attractive, and environmentally friendly.


Diversity in landscape design is essential to create an interesting and vibrant living environment. This is achieved through the use of various types of plants, flowers, and different materials.


Sustainable landscape design ensures that landscape elements are maintained and developed in the long term, while minimizing environmental impact.


Landscape design must meet the residents’ needs for comfort and convenience. This includes creating suitable spaces for relaxation, recreation, and exercise.

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Landscape design needs to adapt to changes in needs and the surrounding environment. This ensures that the landscape remains suitable and appealing in the future.

Styles of landscape design for complex residential areas

Modern Style

Modern style in landscape design is characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and the use of modern materials such as concrete, steel, and glass. This style often combines with green elements like trees and water bodies to create balance and harmony.

Local Style

Local style in landscape design for complex residential areas reflects the cultural and traditional essence of the region. It utilizes indigenous materials and plants to create a familiar and user-friendly environment.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style in landscape design blends modern and traditional elements elegantly. It employs new materials along with natural elements like plants, water bodies, and rocks to create an interesting and unique living environment.

Natural Style

Natural style in landscape design focuses on creating an environment close to nature. It utilizes elements such as plants, flowers, and grass to create a fresh and relaxing green space.

Creative Style

Creative style in landscape design showcases the creativity and innovation of architects. It combines various elements in a unique and bold way, creating an impressive and distinctive living environment.

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Ideas for designing beautiful landscape for complex residential areas

Central Garden

A large central garden with trees, water features, and relaxation areas is a great idea to create a cool and relaxing green space for residents.

Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardens are a smart urban solution, providing green spaces high above and improving the air quality in the surrounding area. Designing rooftop gardens also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the residential area.

Pedestrian Paths and Walkways

Creating pedestrian paths and walkways connecting areas within the complex residential area not only provides convenience for movement but also creates opportunities for residents to enjoy green spaces and interact with nature.

Children’s Play Areas

Designing play areas for children is an important factor in creating a friendly and safe living environment for families. Play areas should be conveniently and safely located, accompanied by age-appropriate games.

Sports and Entertainment Areas

Integrating sports areas such as tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and entertainment areas such as cinemas, restaurants, cafes, etc., helps create a diverse and rich living space, meeting the entertainment and exercise needs of residents.

Considerations in designing landscape for complex residential areas

Understanding residents’ needs

Understanding the needs and desires of residents is crucial in designing suitable landscapes. This ensures that living spaces are optimized and meet all the requirements of residents.

Conservation and enhancement of natural values

During landscape design, attention should be paid to conserving and enhancing the existing natural values in the area. The use of plants, water bodies, and other natural elements not only creates a green living environment but also preserves and develops local ecosystems.

Flexibility and adaptability

Landscape design for complex residential areas needs to be flexible and adaptable to meet new requirements and trends. Creating flexible and easily adjustable spaces ensures that the area remains fresh and appealing.

Use of advanced materials and technology

Applying advanced materials and technology in landscape design not only creates high-quality products but also minimizes environmental impact. The use of recycled materials and green technology is a significant trend in modern landscape design.

Which complex residential areas have beautiful landscape designs?

Choosing complex residential areas with beautiful landscape designs is an important factor in creating an ideal and comfortable living environment for residents. Below are some outstanding complex residential areas with beautiful landscape designs you can consider:

Sunshine City

Sunshine City is one of the premium mixed-use urban areas in Hanoi with beautiful and modern landscape design. This urban area features green parks, large water bodies, and top-notch amenities, creating a luxurious and convenient living space for residents.

Phu My Hung

Phu My Hung in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the leading mixed-use urban areas in Vietnam with beautiful and diverse landscape design. This urban area features a system of parks, swimming pools, golf courses, and other amenities, creating an ideal living environment for residents.

Vinhomes Riverside

Vinhomes Riverside in Hanoi is a premium mixed-use urban area with lush and spacious landscape design. This urban area features rivers, lakes, parks, and entertainment areas, creating a living space close to nature and modernity.

What makes modern complex residential landscape design different?

Modern complex residential landscape design often brings new features and trends, creating comfortable and upscale living spaces. Below are some differences in modern complex residential landscape design:

Utilization of smart technology

Modern landscape design often integrates smart technology to optimize management and operation. Applying automation systems for irrigation, lighting, and energy management helps save time and costs for the entire urban area.

Creating sustainable green spaces

Modern landscape design often emphasizes creating sustainable green spaces that harmonize with nature and the environment. Using plants, water treatment systems, and recycled materials helps minimize environmental impact and creates a healthy living environment for residents.

Combination of Utility and Art

Modern landscape design often combines utility and art, creating upscale and unique living spaces. The use of art pieces, unique architecture, and subtle lighting helps create a luxurious and impressive living environment.

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Common Methods for Designing Complex Residential Landscape

Green Building Standards Method

The green building standards method is one of the common methods applied in designing complex residential landscapes. This involves using environmentally friendly materials and technologies to create green and sustainable living spaces.

Architectural Accentuation Method

The architectural accentuation method involves using art pieces and unique architecture to highlight the landscape space. Creating unique and impressive focal points helps create attractiveness and uniqueness for the urban area.

Space Optimization Method

The space optimization method involves using every available space to create comfortable and diverse living spaces. Smartly designing gardens, parks, and other amenities maximizes space utilization and creates an upscale living environment.

In this article, we have explored the process of designing complex residential landscapes, from principles, styles, ideas to considerations and methods. We have also compared and explored the special features of modern complex residential landscape design. Hopefully, this information will help you understand the landscape design process better and create beautiful and convenient living spaces for residents.

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