Creating Uniqueness for Resorts with the Latest Landscape Design Styles

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Resorts are among the preferred destinations for travelers seeking a space for relaxation and leisure. With the growth of the tourism industry, resorts are becoming increasingly diverse and aesthetically pleasing. To attract customers, investors have also started to pay attention to landscape design for their resorts. So, what is resort landscape design? Why is it essential for resorts? The various landscape design styles for resorts have become trends and are popular today. Let’s explore more details on this topic in this article.

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What is Resort Landscape Design?

Resort landscape design is the process of creating a green, beautiful, and harmonious space between nature and architecture for the resort. It involves choosing types of plants, patterns, pathways, water features, lighting, and other elements to create a comfortable and relaxing living and working space for guests.

Resort landscape design is not only about decoration but also ensuring aesthetics, convenience, and safety for users. It must harmonize with the natural surroundings and provide a close-to-nature feeling for guests.

Why is Resort Landscape Design Style Important?

Resort landscape design styles play a crucial role in creating the uniqueness and allure of a resort. They contribute to crafting a distinctive and characteristic atmosphere for each resort, making visitors feel like they are in a completely different world.

Furthermore, resort landscape design helps create a comfortable and relaxing living and working space for visitors. Well-arranged elements such as greenery, floral patterns, pathways, and water features provide a close connection to nature, reducing stress and fatigue for guests.

Moreover, the resort landscape design style serves as a promotional tool, attracting visitors to your resort. In the fiercely competitive tourism industry, a beautiful and unique resort becomes a focal point to draw customers, setting it apart from competitors.

Current Trends in Resort Landscape Design Styles

The fusion of landscape design styles and architecture is a critical element in creating uniqueness and attraction for a resort. This requires harmony and balance between landscape design and architectural elements, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and functional living and working space for visitors.

Oasis Landscape Design Style

True to its name “Oasis,” the landscape design style of this resort draws inspiration from an oasis in the desert. The main element that defines this style is Water. The design theme focuses on elements such as artificial lakes, streams, or waterfalls. Inspired by growth, all living things, and plants flourish with water. This style provides visitors with a refreshing, natural, and somewhat wild experience when stepping into the resort.

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Asian Landscape Design Style

When it comes to “East Asia,” we immediately think of landscape design styles from Japan, China, and Vietnam. This design style is suitable for those who appreciate gentleness, relaxation, and especially meditation.

This Asian Resort Landscape Design Style incorporates harmonious elements of water, rocks, and plants. Additionally, when enjoying a vacation at resorts following this style, customers will feel it is a safe and comfortable place to “send” their souls for relaxation.

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Latin Landscape Design Style

This resort’s Landscape Design Style highlights the characteristics of the “Latin” style, featuring enclosed spaces surrounding spacious courtyards or fountain plazas at the center. Additionally, the surrounding area is adorned with stones or climbing vines to create focal points for the resort. This style provides visitors with a rustic, timeless, and somewhat serene feeling when stepping into the resort.

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Western Landscape Design Style

English Landscape Design Style: When mentioning “England,” the country of royalty and beautiful princesses. Therefore, the main inspiration for this Resort Landscape Design Style comes from England, bringing a luxurious, elegant, and noble aesthetic to the upper class. When tourists come here, they will feel the grandeur, overwhelming scale of the construction, yet it is also sophisticated and tranquil.

French Landscape Design Style: Similar to the English Landscape Design Style, the “French” Resort Landscape Design Style also exudes a royal vibe, with landscape design that often emanates a sense of authority, elegance, and a feeling of mastering nature. Particularly, the fountain should be designed in the central area of the resort.

The distinctive element to identify this design style is unity, predominant geometric and symmetrical arrangements, neatly trimmed greenery, and harmony in every detail.

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Contemporary Landscape Design Style

Landscape design for resorts in the “contemporary” style originates from Northern Europe. It represents a harmonious blend of English landscape design and modern landscape design.

All elements in this style maintain the clarity of space. The entire design emphasizes simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Dominant colors are often white, gray, green, or black. Materials include concrete, synthetic wood, and gravel for paving.

Above are useful insights into the Resort Landscape Design Style. It can be said that the landscape of a resort plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. With a dedicated and passionate team, we at Sài Gòn Hoa aspire to provide our customers with the most complete experiences.

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Essential Elements in Resort Landscape Design

To create a beautiful and attractive resort, the following elements should be emphasized in landscape design:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Aesthetic appeal is the most important factor in resort landscape design. It ensures harmony and beauty in the space, creating a sense of relaxation and comfort for visitors. To achieve high aesthetic appeal, elements such as color, shape, size, and placement of plants, patterns, pathways, and water features need to be carefully selected and arranged.
  • Amenities: Amenities are crucial for providing comfort and convenience to visitors when using landscape areas within the resort. Having enough seating, tables for belongings, lighting, and other amenities will help visitors relax and enjoy the landscape space to the fullest.
  • Safety: Safety is an indispensable factor in resort landscape design. Factors such as pathway slope, water feature depth, and tree height need to be calculated and ensured to be safe for visitors. Additionally, choosing plant types that pose no danger to visitors is also a crucial aspect of landscape design.
  • Harmony with Natural Surroundings: Resort landscape design needs to respect and harmonize with the natural surroundings of the area. The selection of plant types, patterns, and pathways must align with the characteristics of the terrain and the weather of the region to create a comfortable and harmonious living and working space.

Steps to Design a Beautiful and Attractive Resort

To create a beautiful and attractive resort, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Research and Select Landscape Design Style

Before starting the design process, you need to research and select a landscape design style that fits the area and intended use of the resort. This will help you have a clear and cohesive idea for the entire landscape area.

Step 2: Plan and Initial Design

After choosing the landscape design style, you need to plan and create the initial design for the resort. You can use tools such as maps, drawings, and models to present your ideas.

Step 3: Select Suitable Plants and Patterns

Plants and patterns are crucial elements in resort landscape design. You need to choose plants and patterns that align with the selected design style and the natural surroundings of the area.

Step 4: Construct Paths and Water Features

Paths and water features are essential elements in resort landscape design. You need to construct paths and water features that align with the design style, creating a connection between different areas within the resort.

Step 5: Install Lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor in creating a comfortable and safe living and working space for guests at night. You need to select and install lighting fixtures that match the design style, creating visually appealing lighting effects for the resort.

Considerations When Choosing Landscape Design Style for Your Resort

When selecting a landscape design style for your resort, consider the following points:

Suitability for Purpose: The landscape design style should align with the intended use of the resort. For instance, if your resort emphasizes relaxation and leisure, a coastal or forest style may be more suitable than a rural style.

Harmony with Natural Environment: The landscape design style should harmonize with the natural environment of the area. For example, if the region has a hot and humid climate, choose plants and patterns that thrive in such conditions.

Suitability for Terrain: The landscape design style should complement the terrain of the area. If the region features hilly terrain, you can incorporate elements like curves and terracing to establish a connection between different areas within the resort.


How to Infuse Uniqueness into Your Resort’s Landscape Design Style?

To infuse uniqueness into the landscape design style of your resort, consider the following:

Utilize Local Elements: Incorporate local elements such as plants, patterns, and architecture to give your resort a unique character. This will imbue your resort with cultural authenticity and attract visitors.

Create Unique Perspectives: Craft unique viewpoints within the resort by utilizing elements like curves, staircases, or distinctive seating. This will create differentiation and capture the attention of visitors.

Blend Different Design Styles: Blend different design styles to create uniqueness in your resort. For example, you can combine coastal and forest styles to establish a diverse and appealing living and working space.

Resort landscape design is a crucial element in creating distinctiveness and allure for your resort. By selecting an appropriate design style, following the design steps, and harmonizing landscape design with architecture, you can craft a beautiful and attractive resort. Refer to the examples and tips in this article to design a unique and successful resort.

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