Design & Construction Services

Driven by the passion to exceed customer expectations, we create perfect spaces that bring satisfaction to our clients.

Landscape Planning

This involves organizing the functions of space on a wide scale (urban areas, regions, provinces…).


Industrial Zone

Landscape design for industrial zones involves clear spatial planning between structures (workshops, factories…).


Urban Landscape

Urban landscape refers to specific spaces with multiple observation points within the city, such as architectural complexes, streets…


Resort Area

A place for long-term stays where customers seek relaxation combined with entertainment, dining, and leisure.


Golf Course

Golf course landscapes include beautiful scenery, guest lounges, bars, shops, and storage spaces…



A park is a natural landscape area with recreational, entertainment, cultural, and leisure activities…


Commercial Center

Landscape design for commercial centers involves creating natural sales scenes according to customer ideas and requirements…


Flower Street

Flower streets are a distinctive cultural feature that is indispensable to Vietnamese people…


Residential Area

Landscape design for residential areas involves creating green spaces for internal parks and green belts for residents…


Garden Villa

Landscape design for garden villas involves creative spatial arrangements between structures and landscaping techniques…


Other Services

Western Europe has been investing in landscape design and construction techniques and is constantly striving to assert its position.

Project Management

Planning, managing, and supervising projects to ensure timely completion and quality assurance…


Supply of Green Trees

We specialize in providing various types of green trees for villa landscapes, garden landscapes, seedlings, shade trees, feng shui trees…


Green Tree Maintenance

Maintaining greenery involves caring for the landscape after construction to ensure the healthy growth of plants. Specialized care…


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