At the company design and construction of the landscape of Western Europe we always appreciate the services of care, maintenance and maintenance of landscaping. With experts with extensive expertise in outdoor utility items, soil conditions, geography, climate location, crop characteristics….

We believe that small family garden landscaping to large area business landscape needs to have periodic attention to preserve beauty, vitality and freshness, thereby bringing the best experience to customers. Western Europe is pleased to serve to help customers save time, effort and cost.

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In Western Europe, we take pride in owning a good maintenance staff of professional and passionate professionals with beautiful landscaping work. Not only is the professional working style and the proper maintenance method, our staff also know how to exploit the beauty of ornamental plants, create vitality and maintain the same highlights as the plants ' original landscape as well as landscaping works Other.

With all inclusive services, aftermarket and reasonable solutions, Western Europe believes that it is possible to satisfy the highest requirements of beauty and refurbished landscapes for the works. In the process of serving, we always maintain a commitment to continuously improve the quality of service to parallel the brand class of customers.

Maintenance Care covers the job:

    • Periodically cut, trim, irrigate, wipe leaves and pose trees.
    • Cut weeds.
    • Check the irrigation system.
    • Check the moisture and fertilizing when necessary.
    • Treatment and replacement of the sick plant.