With a staff of extensive expertise and a team of experienced landscape engineers, Western European construction projects will always ensure the correct creation and all components, closely follow the design details , thereby bringing value, the long-term aesthetics of the landscape.

Including in-depth advisory services, ideas and design solutions, master plan of architectural and landscape items, Western European architectural co-creation company of Perfect space, outstanding appearance and distinct living value Bring satisfaction to customers.

Western Europe brings a class combination of landscapes and other architectural elements, which take into context seasonal local elements, context, and business needs to connect. Not only focus on the aesthetics of the landscape, we are also interested in the application, functionality and needs desired investor, highlights the value of the work as well as embellished the general landscape aesthetic for the entire region.


Western Europe hopes our products and professional landscaping solutions will bring to customers the beautiful green space. We believe that bringing nature into a living environment is a useful solution for creating joy, improving the quality of life and health.

Come with us, you will receive innovative and detailed landscape designs. The construction technical team is on the right progress, good quality, cost to suit the budget of the customer.

Design & construction consists of the steps:

    • Surveying & topographical measurements.
    • Receiving the request & give the idea.
    • Outline drawings using 3D technology.
    • Landscape engineers advise on materials, plant varieties and construction methods.
    • Presentation of the design, quotation & signed.
    • Construction, follow the progress.
    • Completion and handover of the works.
    • After sales.