The company design and construction of the Western European landscape provides a wide range of service solutions for the garden landscaping industry including solutions for design ideas, system construction, project management and maintenance care.

The landscape of western Europe provides consultancy, design, construction and maintenance services for Resort, Hotel, Park, school, Golf… With the working style always puts the benefits, desires and customer satisfaction up as the operational criteria, we are committed to making customers happy within the scope of the work done.

Below Western Europe offers more customers basic steps to work when we receive works from customers, wishing you can understand somewhat of our work when implementing the project.

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I. The time of landscape construction

Determining the timing of the construction depends on the needs and wants of the customer for the landscape of the work. Usually there are 2 cases as follows:

1. Construction of landscapes in the final stages of construction

Advantages: At this the work was relatively complete and nearly the design drawings no longer changed, the ground for planting trees and grass was less affected by other items. Ensure a good environment for plants and grasses to grow, facilitate the construction and ensure progress. And it is important that when the available ground will reduce the cost of the landscape because the construction process will quickly reduce the cost of management and personnel.

Cons: With the shade tree species The new construction of the plant is not yet able to grow well, there may be little or no leaves making the scenery not as beautiful as desired. The construction cannot guarantee the plant will live and grow at 100% so when the work has put into use the dead plants will be replaced in the process of maintenance will affect the landscape of the works.

2. Construction of part-stage landscape entry

With a great work the experience of collecting and putting into using each part of the work is usually happening regularly to optimize costs and shorten the construction time of the work. The advantages and disadvantages of the construction of the landscape in this case are:

Advantages: Most of the use of trees and grasses have grown well, the scenery will be more beautiful than the new construction.

Cons: Trees and grasses are living individuals requiring care and protection, the new tree grows well. However, the construction works in parallel with the building items that make plants and grasses always affected by the impact of growth, survival and development of the plant. The cost of the landscaping category also increases due to the prolonged construction time and the costs of overcoming the death plant breakdown caused by the construction category.

In Addition to the above 2 approaches, now for large WESTERN EUROPEAN projects that will deploy nursery and tree links at the project or gather tree at the company’s nursery to nurture trees until the time of bearing out, the shade trees have Certain scattering. This meets the requirements of customers ‘ wishes for the green category and ensures that the plant is not affected by the construction due to early cultivation. However, in order to do this, it will be difficult to change the tree as desired or if changes are subject to a certain cost depending on the level of change.

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II. Green Landscape Construction Process

1. Reception of requirements and survey of green landscaping

After receiving the phone or requesting to participate in the contractor from the investor or general contractor. We will exchange and consult the list of crops. Then let the technique down the works to grasp the state of the ground and check the following factors:

  • The construction progress of the other units and the ability to repay the landscape.
  • Is the Quality of land at the construction guaranteed? (Obesity, Ph, submerged,…)
  • Does the construction of the work include items located on the balcony or rooftop?
  • Soil volume and land transport and supplies.
  • Location of the material set for the construction of the landscape
  • Water Resources and irrigation systems for the works (sources of water from where, how to install piping systems…)
  • Learn about the safety issues for employees when implementing green landscaping at the works.
  • Re-check the type of plant that fits the soil of the work and propose alternative trees if the original plant is not suitable.

2. Send Tender Quotes

After receiving the final tree catalogue and checking the above issues we will offer the most suitable bid price list ensuring all the requirements of the investor.
Bids are high or low depending on the requirements of the investor and the completion time of the project. If the deployment lasts time, of course the cost will be higher.

3. Building a green landscape construction plan

For this part the construction units often classification of works into 2 different groups are independent works and works located inside a large construction.

  • Independent works: here it means that in the work there are no other items under construction, only the construction unit of the landscape is done.

Usually these works are completed in advance and want to complement the landscape category or reedit the entry the level is simpler and has clear sequence. The steps taken will take place in the sequence meaning that when the step 1 is completed, then step 2 and then there is little flute. The plan build will have a specific time from start and end dates. For this work the construction of the construction plan is done simply and most accurately.

  • The work is located inside the big works: This means that works are being constructed of all items from construction, electricity and water, landscapes,… For this work the construction planning is difficult due to the influence from the progress of the other items ‘ impact.

Therefore, the construction progress table must be combined with all the contractors that affect each other and commit together to make the right progress.

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4. Personnel deployment and preparation of ground

  • Based on the workload and construction schedule to meet the full human resources to satisfy the demands of the progress and quality of the works.
  • Get the construction ground from the construction unit and deploy the work needed to prepare green crops.
  • Handling the slope and drainage of the landscape area, it is very important that it affects the development, growth and landscape of the work when put to use.
  • Check all the problems such as the worker’s sleeping team, the electricity, the amount of irrigation water, the ground to ensure good response before planting the green plant.
  • Preparing safety records for the execution of the project
  • On the organizational chart, the decision to appoint the head of the project

5. Conducting the construction

  • Testing the work on the ground: the construction unit will re-edit the ground then notify the supervision consultant for inspection and testing of the ground. To carry out the planting of land for projects requiring soil pulses.
  • Locate The planting position and Proceed to dig holes: Based on the layout of the greenery on the drawing board, positioning and digging holes. The Peach Pit size depends on the type and size of the plant that has been present in the contract. After digging the pit to conduct the mining work pit.
  • Gather the seedlings according to the standard size in the contract, which conducts the test of the plant.
  • Plant Cultivation: Mix the fertilizer mixture with the ground from the pit dug up, give the seedling to the middle of the pit and proceed with the mixing mix. When the 1/2 pits the pit to water and continue to fill the pit, when the pit is finished, the plant is fixed with the anti-tree to ensure that the plant is not tilted, falling, long root due to the impact of external factors.
  • Carry out flowering bush plants: Locate planting, mixing compound fertilizer and planting according to standards and density in the contract. The flower tree must be lush, uniform.
  • Grass Planting: Depending on the requirements, you can cultivate carpet or plant separation with different methods of construction
  • Carpet Planting: This form is often used for Japanese antler grass or hairy grass.
    • The carpet is 0.5 x 1 m, the fertilizer is conducted before planting, grass closed eyelid not to leave a distance greater than 5mm.
    • Plant Separation: Used for Japanese velvet grasses, pork grass, ginger grass, Thai herb grasses, peanut grass, orchids, and genus grasses. The cultivation density is evenly cultivated, and the cultivation should be sprayed and the water is

6. Total sanitary cleanup

Carry out the cleaning of the birth immediately after the construction of each stage, the discarded items such as the cover, cord, the residual grass is collected and moved out of the works. Wipe the soil, mix fertilizer in the construction area.


7. Landscape Maintenance Care

  • Carry out correction of errors during construction, replacing the weak, dead trees
  • Daily watering care ensures the grass is not dry nor is flooded.
  • Fertilize periodically during warranty period.
  • Spit weeds Upon seeing weeds appear, making sure not to let weeds grow in the landscape area.
  • Conducting plant sprays and insecticides periodic diseases.
  • Take preventive measures and treat pests for a reasonable plant.
  • Replace the dead tree during the warranty period.
  • Against crooked plants due to external action.

With the basic content provided above we hope that customers have a clear view of the work done in the process of landscape construction. If you are in need please contact us for your service.