With a long-term vision of sustainable development, TAY AU has been investing in landscape construction design techniques as well as making continuous efforts to assert its position as the most professional landscape company. With us you can find all solutions and services on landscape architecture with the most enthusiastic attitude, responsibility and professional working process.

In recent years, life – the economy is constantly growing, people have come to hate the bustle of the city and tend to be close to nature. Aware of the growing trend and from our dream of green environment through landscape design and construction … TAY AU landscape architecture company has been established. With the goal of bringing benefits to the community, the environment and beautify life.

In TAY AU, there is a convergence of engineers, architects and employees who share the same dream, a combination of a team of young architects trained professionally from prestigious universities and many experienced artisans working in the profession.

We aim to come up with the standard solutions from master plan to landscape architectural design in order to create the design projects that are unified and environmentally friendly. Always apply new technical methods as soon as the start of the design process, thus saving a lot of time, promote the full potential and improve the value of the project.

We aim to the diverse landscape trend, creative style combining many materials to create a harmonious and modern work. We are fully confident in the ability to meet customer requirements in ideas, handle technical difficulties.

We are with the motto of dedicated, professional customer service, we constantly improve customer care after delivery of the product. From the care to the reasonable maintenance process, to ensure the product life cycle, the quality of the work is extended, bringing satisfaction and trust to customers.

In order to achieve the goal of becoming a leading unit in the field of design consultancy, landscape architecture construction in Vietnam, contributing to building green spaces for urban areas and improving the quality of life of children. people. We always try to improve the technique and quality control management system. Hopefully, TAY AU will be able to make a small contribution to the world of environmental protection and green earth development.

We believe that with our capabilities, TAY AU will be the best choice for implementing the landscape project of our customers and partners.