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Explore the latest trends in park design and landscaping construction

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Park landscaping is an integral part of creating a green, beautiful, and nature-friendly city. It not only provides comfort and entertainment for citizens but also plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life and protecting the environment. In recent years, the trends in the design and construction of park landscapes have undergone significant changes to meet the needs of the people while ensuring sustainability and environmental friendliness. This article will help you understand more about the new trends in the design and construction of park landscapes today.

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The Role of Parks and Factors Influencing Current Park Landscape Trends

In recent years, the trends in the design and construction of park landscapes have undergone significant changes to meet the needs of the people while ensuring sustainability and environmental friendliness. Parks today are not only refreshing green areas for exercise or strolls but are also designed to serve various purposes such as entertainment, play, education, and relaxation.

The Role of Parks

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, forcing cities to implement lockdowns and practice social distancing. Fundamental changes are being demonstrated and predicted as the most significant shifts in lifestyle during and after the pandemic. Characteristics of the pandemic era that amplify the role of parks include:

  • The need for social distancing and living in open, fresh outdoor spaces;
  • The demand for physical exercise and fitness enhancement as awareness of health increases;
  • The desire to improve mental health to reduce stress and help balance life has led to an increasing demand for enjoying cultural and artistic events;
  • The increasing trend of working from home and remotely has resulted in people spending more time (and paying more attention) to the spaces around their homes, especially parks or nearby landscapes.

Due to the explosive growth of network infrastructure, free wifi networks in public spaces such as parks have been significantly upgraded, providing citizens with more options to work right in the park. Working in this manner is appreciated for its significant advantages, such as the ability to quickly switch between the “ON” working mode and the “OFF” resting mode, leveraging creativity, and increasing work productivity. Labor increases compared to a purely office environment.

Furthermore, although not directly related to the pandemic, parks are increasingly playing an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and flood prevention (through the ability to permeate the surface, integrating scenic ponds). with regulating ponds, water storage, applying flood escape cuts for canals or biological channel systems.

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Factors Influencing Park Landscape Trends

There are several factors influencing the trends in the design and construction of park landscapes, including:

  • Economic Factor: The economic situation of a country or region directly influences the investment capacity in park landscape. If the economy is thriving, the budget for park landscape investment will also increase, facilitating the adoption of new technologies and the use of high-quality materials in landscape design.
  • Social Factor: The living standards and needs of the people determine the types of park landscapes that need to be built. If there is a high demand for entertainment and relaxation, parks will be designed with many amenities such as play areas, dining areas, and fitness zones. If people have an interest in education and nature exploration, parks will be designed with botanical gardens and natural history museums.
  • Environmental Factor: With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, protecting and developing park landscapes is essential. Therefore, current trends in park landscape design and construction are focusing on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Parks are designed using natural materials and applying energy-saving technologies to minimize environmental impact.

Popular Park Landscape Design Trends

In recent years, park landscape design trends have undergone significant changes to align with modern and sustainable trends. Below are some popular park landscape design trends nowadays.

Trends in Using Natural Materials in Park Landscape

The use of natural materials such as stone, wood, and greenery in park landscape design is becoming a new trend. These materials not only contribute to creating a landscape in harmony with nature but also offer high aesthetics and long-lasting durability. For example, using granite for pathways in the park not only adds a touch of luxury but also helps prevent discoloration due to weather or pedestrian traffic.

Additionally, the incorporation of greenery in park landscape design is gaining attention and implementation. Various types of greenery not only provide shade to the park but also play a role in absorbing CO2, reducing air pollution, and creating a cool and pleasant space for the public.

New Technologies Applied in Park Landscape

The integration of new technologies in park landscape design is an indispensable trend. These technologies not only save energy and reduce maintenance costs but also add utility and attraction to the park. For example, the application of automatic irrigation systems helps adjust the water supply for greenery based on actual needs, minimizing water waste and park maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the use of smart lighting systems is also being applied to minimize energy waste and create a visually appealing yet efficient space.

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Modern Style Park Landscape Design

Current trends in park landscape design are moving towards simplicity and modernity. Parks are designed with minimalist lines, open spaces, and a focus on using natural materials to create harmony with nature. This helps establish a relaxing and nature-friendly space for the public.

Creative Ideas in Park Landscape

To create differentiation and leave an impression on the public, creative ideas in park landscape are being implemented. Here are some creative ideas currently applied in park landscape design:

  • Create special botanical gardens: Instead of only featuring common greenery, parks are designed with special botanical gardens such as flower gardens, grass carpet areas, or fruit tree gardens. This adds diversity and attraction for the public.
  • Use LED lights for special lighting effects: The use of LED lights can create beautiful and unique lighting effects in the park at night. For example, using LED lights can produce light paintings on the water surface or create dynamic images on park walls.
  • Integrate outdoor games: Parks are also designed with outdoor games such as sledding, rock climbing, and bike racing. This adds fun and excitement for the public when visiting the park.
  • Create multi-functional green spaces: Parks are designed with multiple multi-functional green spaces, serving various purposes such as play, entertainment, exercise, and education. This optimizes the area and meets the diverse needs of the public.

Trends in Creating Green Spaces in Park Landscape

The trend of creating green spaces in park landscapes is currently a widely recognized and applied practice. These green spaces play a role not only in minimizing the impact of emissions and environmental pollution but also in providing a cool and pleasant environment for the public. Additionally, creating green spaces helps protect and develop various types of greenery, animals, and rare species.

Criteria for Evaluating Beautifully Landscaped Parks

To assess whether a park has a beautiful landscape, one can consider the following criteria:

  • Harmony with Nature: A beautifully landscaped park needs to create harmony and connection with the surrounding nature.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The park should be designed to be attractive, creating interest and comfort for the public when visiting.
  • Facilities and Convenience: A aesthetically landscaped park should meet the needs of the public, providing facilities such as seating, benches, and restrooms, as well as ensuring convenience in movement and exploration.
  • Conservation and Development: The park needs to be conserved and developed sustainably, protecting various types of greenery, animals, and rare species, while also maintaining and developing educational and cultural activities within the park.

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The Significance of Conservation and Development in Park Landscape

Conservation and development of park landscapes are crucial to ensure the existence and long-term growth of park areas. Conserving park landscapes helps protect and sustain various types of greenery, animals, and rare species, thereby preserving biodiversity and creating a healthy living environment for the public.

Furthermore, the development of park landscapes plays a vital role in creating a green and refreshing space for urban areas, helping to mitigate the impact of emissions and environmental pollution. Simultaneously, the development of educational and cultural activities in parks enhances awareness and environmental protection consciousness among the public.

Above are the current park landscape trends and the influencing factors. The use of natural materials, integration of new technologies, modern design, and the application of creative ideas in park landscapes are popular to create green and visually appealing spaces for the public. However, conservation and development of park landscapes are also crucial to ensure the existence and growth of park areas in the long run. Efforts and appropriate policies are needed to protect and develop park landscapes, creating a healthy and clean living environment for the community.

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